Robert Spencer and the Extremists

What, me worry?9/09/2009 2:15:15 pm PDT

re: #314 Occasional Reader

And funny how, in this part of the thread, in which there’s been some discussion of demonizing opponents, you’ve decided that of course I have the worst possible motives.

First off, I didn’t make the claim that Dems would vote against the body armor.

Second, my point about more armor not always being better was… well… factual. Sorry if you don’t like it. Delta operators, for instance, deliberately eschew the heavy “battle rattle”, and even Kevlar helmets, because they think it slows them down too much. It just… depends. See? Nuance.

I get very pissy when people state untruths. Regards Brian has a very bold statement on his website that says “Democrats kill soldiers” which is so much anti-liberal crap, makes me hurl. That’s what got me going.

As a Dem yourself (do you actually vote Dem? doesn’t sound like it) I would think you would support your party platform more strongly, but maybe you do in other areas. I do not take your view about Dems who serve in Congress.

However, I have to log out for a bit, but I promise to come back later and taunt you a second time.