Wednesday Night Music: Pat Metheny Group, 'Have You Heard'

Olsonist2/17/2010 11:36:38 pm PST

re: #340 Dark_Falcon

Look. You’re a Republican, big R and little r. You appreciate continuity with people you trust in power. Predictability. That’s an understandable thoroughly conventional and acceptable worldview.

I take a radically different view. I mostly think the United States is a pretty damn good place, though not perfect by any means. I think it can and has been a force for good but I expect results from the guy we hire. Period. There is no way we should be Saudi Arabia’s or Israel’s or China’s bitch. Unfortunately, over the last 20 years since the fall of communism we’ve been on a downhill slide. I’ll give Clinton credit for Bosnia/Kosovo. That was a proxy war with the remnant of the Sovs. Good on for Billy.

So I’m really not happy with things because I’m looking at the results. Iraq was $1T for nothing. Really. Poof. Kuwait was paid for. Iraq cost us $1T. Not happy.