Pamela Geller Lashes Out: 'The Little Green Shew'

Nyet7/23/2011 4:20:47 pm PDT
3.10 Assimilation policy/demands/offer for Muslim individuals living in Europe (this offer will expire on Jan 1st, 2020)

The following assimilation policy is to be accepted by all Muslims who currently live on European soil and want to continue to live in Europe. The deadline is Jan. 1st, 2020.

Failure to accept and comply with given policies will result in immediate deportation for you and your closest family (individual evaluation is required). The deportations will be effectuated as soon as the current regime(s) have been neutralised and once a cultural conservative government has been formed. Failure to comply within the deadline (2020) will result in losing the possibility of future re-evaluation.

1. Convert to Christianity (Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant).

Every individual is to accept baptism, the ritual act by which one is admitted to membership of the Christian Church, as a member of the particular Church in which the baptism is administered.

Attempt of al-taqiyya (Islamic deceit) for shorter or longer periods in order to try to wait for a regime change will not be tolerated. The convert will celebrate Christian holidays and adopt mainstream Christian customs and has to attend Church at least once a year during the full duration of the assimilation period (50) before he or any member of his family is allowed to follow a purely secular lifestyle. Secular Muslims are considered fully Muslim as long as they have not converted. The reason is because even secular Muslims celebrate Islamic holidays and perform certain Islamic religious or political rituals.

2. Name change

During the required baptism the individual is to be given a Christian/European traditional name (first, middle and last name). No Arab/Asian/Islamic name is allowed (including The 99 Names of Allah).

3. Not allowed to practice your ”mother tongue” or Arabic

It is strictly prohibited to practice the individuals ”mother tongue” - Farsi, Urdu, Arabic, Somali etc. in any way – both in writing or vocally (this applies in all areas of society - home and elsewhere). Obviously this does not apply to Muslims living in Europe who are practising a European language (Bosniaks etc.).

4. All mosques and Islamic centers will be demolished or converted

All mosques which were built for the purpose of being a mosque will be demolished. All other buildings which were previously converted will be re-converted to their former use.

5. All Islamic and/or Arab-style or equivalent buildings/artwork will be demolished or modified

All traces of Islamic culture in Europe will be eradicated, even locations considered historical.

6. Attempts to celebrate Islamic holidays, exercise or portray Sharia/Islamic codes/markers is strictly prohibited

An attempt of celebrating Ramadan, Eid or any Islamic holiday is strictly prohibited.

This includes all cultural related rituals, dress codes, Islamic religious or cultural circumcisions, Islamic preparation of food, the use of any Muslim flag or identification (crescent moon), religious or cultural markings.

7. Measures taken against attempts of demographic warfare

All “ex-Muslim couples” (where both parents were/are Muslims) will not be allowed to exceed a birth rate of 2. Any breach of this policy will be considered a breach of the assimilation policies.

8. Correspondence with other Muslims abroad is strictly prohibited

All forms of correspondence (electronically, telephonic etc.) with Muslims living abroad is strictly forbidden. This includes contact with Muslim family in the country you originated from.

9. All travel to Muslim countries/territories or to any country where Muslims make out more than 20% of the population is strictly prohibited