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Joe Bacon šŸŒ¹4/19/2019 9:08:13 am PDT

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More guitar geekery, Score of the Century editionā€¦

You might remember that earlier this week, I posted a link to Roy Buchananā€™s 1953 Telecaster, on sale by a dealer in NYC for the princely sum of $45,000.

Iā€™m reading the TDPRI Telecaster forum this morning, and some dude in Delaware posted that he found what looks to be a 1953 Telecaster at a flea market - and bought it for 20 bucks.

The experts over at the forum are weighing in, and it does indeed look like the real deal. Even with the so-so varnish refinish, the guitar is easily worth $10 grand. Fully restored, it will be worth twice that.

I am obviously not livinā€™ right. I gotta get out to more flea marketsā€¦

Brings back bittersweet memories of seeing Roy Buchanan performing The Messiah Will Come Again. Saw him multiple times.