Colbert on Trump's Bizarre New Hampshire Rally: Ivanka Is Beautiful, Coronavirus Will Go Away by Itself

Hecuba's daughter2/12/2020 6:04:14 pm PST

re: #333 Mattand

I realize it’s just me, but whenever I see quotes/tweets from the ilk of Jennifer Rubin, Frum, Comey, et. al., I’m all “Fuck you, you frigging morons. You all helped contribute to this fucking mess.”

Comey in particular. I still convinced he October-surprised Clinton to get in Trump’s good graces in order to keep his job after the election. Like most Trump flunkies, he found out Trump is loyal to no one but himself.

Wasn’t it just that he was afraid of the Giuliani-friendly Trump-loving FBI office in New York and that if he didn’t take action, they would be leaking documents, and discrediting the FBI.