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HoosierHoops10/16/2009 6:47:12 pm PDT

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I never said he was a bad guy, but he is legitimately ill in the head. But on the court, he is a premier talent at both ends of the court. His biggest contribution will be guarding the other team’s best perimeter player so Kobe won’t have to. And that means Kobe is gonna be fresher at the offensive end … VERY bad news for all LA opponents.

Amen to that.. There isn’t a man on the face of the earth that Artist can’t guard or bring grief too…But he has always had to score also to win.. I’ve seen lots of those games..
Kobe is in the house…Stand back Ronny…Kobe is one of the greatest scorers in all the history of Basketball…As much as I hate the Lakers.. There are only 2 or three players in the history of the world better than Kobe…
He is beautiful on the court
I love Kobe I hate the Lakers
Don’t judge me!
BTW.. This is a fact of basketball.. Kobe has over a 1000 pro games on his knees.. Players all break down in Basketball at a certain mark…Kobe’s time isn’t long…He has played too much.. 2 years? It’s coming to an end…99% of all players follow the stats.. He is over the 1000 game mark..rare air..Won’t be long…It’s sad..Kobe is a genius playing the game..His speed and grace and just pure heart stopping moves to the basket…
One on one.. Kobe vs…Who? Bird? Please..Run around him laughing..
Magic? ( question)
Who would I put up against Kobe one on one as baddest player on Earth?
Kobe vs. Jordan
pay per view