Nick Johnson - Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride (Not to Be Confused With Electric Guitarist Nick Johnston)

Backwoods_Sleuth4/20/2019 5:22:19 pm PDT

re: #34 Backwoods_Sleuth

I live in extreme eastern Kentucky wingnut Libertarian/GOP/CoalisKing country and there is not one single business in this area where a proprietor would spout off like that to a customer, or even allow an employee to do so.

I take that back.
The one physical therapy clinic in this county has a TV in the main waiting room/treatment area that is set to Fox. One of the therapist there was a loud wingnut 2nd amendment loon and one of the regular patients was an equally loud”Methodists are all going to hell” Xtian.

I decided to tough out my pain without their assistance (which was mostly paid for by our ebil union insurance).