An Open Letter to American Spectator

Killgore Trout6/26/2010 6:33:58 pm PDT

I usually don’t repost stalkers posts here but this is too good to pass up: Rodan/Daedalus sez…..

RS McCain today tweeted today mocking the UK, Germany and Mexico. He called them Faggots/Limeys (Brits), Kraut Swine (Germans) and Beaners (Mexicans). This was clearly a mock at those nations. Ever the hypocrite, the Jazz Man who mocks Catholics, Conservatives and Sarah Palin with worse language is creating manufactured outrage by having his Blog groupies tweet this story. To make matters worse, he once again displays delusions of grandeur. He emails American Spectator and posts it on his blog. He really believes they will respond to him or fire McCain. This is a Totalitarian act on the part of a man who admires Communists!

Uh, yeah.