Watch Out For Foreskin Man!

ausador6/06/2011 2:01:30 pm PDT

re: #33 Locker

And you dismiss direct physical harm to babies who can’t defend themselves. You talk and talk and talk but never address this prime issue of my position. How about ponying up and addressing it.

I dismiss it as harm, period.

Easier hygiene, reduced risk of common infections, reduced risk of STD transmission, increase in function (as far as your partner is concerned) due to “some” studies saying it results in slightly reduced stimulation*, etc, etc…

*I don’t know about you but I have had orgasms that were so intense during intercourse I couldn’t stand any more stimulation. “No, No, Don’t move, don’t move.” ;)

If having a foreskin would make that worse and decrease my…uhh…time to reaching climax then good riddance! :P

[This has been a FAR TMI post brought to you by ausador]