National Review Writer Robert Weissberg Attends White Nationalist Gathering

jaunte4/09/2012 2:10:44 pm PDT

Robert Weissberg ignores any evidence to the contrary and posits that ‘white racism’ against blacks is a fabrication.

“Until the 1970s “white racism” never arose as explanations of racial inequality. Admittedly, many whites disliked blacks but aversion by itself hardly explained inequity. Dominant accounts stressed slavery’s horrific legacy (including undermining black family life), restricted electoral access, third-rate schools, explicit “no colored need apply” policies among employers and landlords, ubiquitous self-esteem lowering segregation, physical intimidation and other outwardly visible culprits. White behavior, not attitudes per se, were decisive.
To condense a complicated story, a market for un-provable, often outlandish “theories” to explain the unfathomable has always thrived. The inclination knows no particular race or era; it is probably an intractable human instinct. In the 14th century bad weather was blamed on witchcraft and witches were murdered. The bubonic plague was similarly attributed to Jews. In today’s obsessing over racial equality of outcomes one must account for multiple discrepancies, and with the declining veracity of historic explanations, the impossible-to-refute, even imperceptible boogyman of “white racism” satisfies this powerful urge.

So when Obama’s ill-conceived, extravagant healthcare plan “unexpectedly” floundered in Congress, blacks point the finger at white racism. Qualms about the plan being too expensive or too bureaucratic are just ruses. When the public loses confidence in Obama’s economic stimulus plan, just repeat the now familiar indictment as if witches killed the crops. Rep. Charley Rangel even blames his tax problems on “white racism.” This unseen devil theory of politics is almost addictive, a handy substitute for time-consuming serious analysis (and no prudent white public figure dares challenges blacks about their feelings). So, as more verifiable explanations for continuing racial inequality or inept policy-making by a black president are forcefully pushed aside, the reflexive “white racism” explanation fills the vacuum. And since white racism’s debilitating power is invisible and beyond scientific verification, it will be with us so long as there are racial inequalities.”

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