Quran Burning Pastor Learned Everything He Knows About Muslims from YouTube

Escaped Hillbilly9/08/2010 5:39:02 pm PDT

re: #339 Varek Raith
Sooo not what I said. I was responding to the post that we should not give them attention so as to starve the jerk of what he wants. I just said it was too late. Is that not true? Maybe we can pretend nobody noticed. How did those folks in Afghanistan find out about a retard with a total following of 50? So now if the media doesn’t follow they get accused of trying to hide something. The media does deserve some blame. And I do think it was unnescessary for some of our highest government officials to voice opionions. It would have gone away a lot quicker without it. I don’t think they caused the problem, the proximal cause is the original actor, always. I just think they made a bad tactical move giving him more seeming importance than he deserved.