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Walter L. Newton3/27/2010 1:39:09 pm PDT

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how will i get better if i don’t argue with my betters?

Cato aptly filled in the gaps… All in all there are at least 4 textaul strands, probably 4 authors of a lot of Torah, then combined, redacted over the ages…

The Jahwist (or J) - written c 950 BCE.[10] The southern kingdom’s (i.e. Judah) interpretation. It is named according to the prolific use of the name “Yahweh” (or Jaweh, in German, the divine name or Tetragrammaton) in its text.

The Elohist (or E) - written c 850 BCE.[10] The northern kingdom’s (i.e. Israel) interpretation. As above, it is named because of its preferred use of “Elohim” (a generic title used to describe a god, God, or gods).

The Deuteronomist (or D) - written c 650-621 BCE.[10] Dating specifically from the time of King Josiah of Judah and responsible for the book of Deuteronomy as well as Joshua and most of the subsequent books up to 2 Kings.

The Priestly source (or P) - written during or after the exile, c 550-400 BCE.[10] So named because of its focus on Levitical laws.