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FFL (GOP Delenda Est)11/20/2019 8:48:34 am PST

re: #341 Hecuba’s daughter

They may not be interested in pursuing impeachment based on crimes committed before his election to the Presidency, especially those that were not involved in getting him the office. OTOH, it’s certainly possible that tax crimes could figure in to the impeachment, if they manage to acquire his tax records before the articles are voted on.

Personally, despite all the arguments to the contrary, I really think he may well resign, citing health issues, especially if there is a commitment to not prosecute him for his criminal activities. Question to lawyers: could President Pence pardon him for tax evasion so that he doesn’t have to pay up? Or would the pardon be limited to his not going to jail for tax fraud?

I don’t think Pence can protect him from New York State getting his ass in any case.