Overnight Open Thread

lawhawk2/18/2010 7:48:47 am PST

re: #327 darthstar

What you’re smoking… please pass it around, because Hizbullah continues to call for the destruction of Israel, and it’s “inclusion” in the Lebanese political system is based on one thing.. and one thing only - that they’ve got a militia that is stronger than the Lebanese military. The UN and Lebanese military are incapable of disarming the group, so everyone is busy trying to rewrite their history to avoid their obligations under international law to disarm the terrorist group.

Nasrallah hasn’t given up the ghost of destroying Israel; hasn’t stopped stockpiling weapons for war against Israel.

For every school that Hizbullah supposedly runs, how many bunkers and weapons caches are stored nearby so that when the shooting starts, they can claim Israel is targeting civilians? For every hospital that Hizbullah runs, how many have doctors who will lie to further Hizbullah propaganda that Israel keeps on killing civilians even though Hizbullah takes off their uniforms at the first sign of a conflict with Israel so as to blend in…