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Joe Bacon 🌹12/02/2018 7:13:39 pm PST

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What a life! I had this idea last month and yeah I was high but 11 short stories in the life of a centenarian in each decade from 1900 to 2000. My earliest born great grandparent was my Nana’s fatherr who the kids called Pap Pap. Born in 1874. He already was a father of a grown up son by the time my last ancestor, my Grandma’s mother who was born in 1898 came to the US in 1921.

Grandma was raised in Chicago and Wisconsin (I think it was Fon Du Lac) When she was 16 she was hired as a housekeeper/cook working at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan. She continued working there until World War 1 broke out and she and her sister Trix were hired by the Navy Department to work as clerks. Grandma wound up being a clerk and secretary for FDR when he was Assistant Secretary of the Navy. She met Grandpa when he returned from France. They got married the day before the Volsted (Prohibition) Act took effect. She took a train to Pittsburgh where they were married by either a judge or justice of the peace. After they married they dined at the Oyster House (Pittsburgh’s oldest tavern) and then they settled in Ambridge. Dad was born in 1920 and sister Joan born 1922. Great Grandpa Bacon was involved with the IWW, was blacklisted so he and Grandpa ran a grocery store. Grandma took in boarders. They got involved with John L Lewis (UMW and CIO President) and organized the Steelworkers Union in Beaver County. Grandpa served as a Borough Councilman, first he was the only Democrat until 1940. Grandpa fell one vote short of setting up a borough electric company. He did secure a clean water supply for Ambridge and when he retired they named the reservoir after him. It’s still in operation.

I fucking hate Corbett (prior GOP governor that Tom Wolf unseated) because he opened the area around the reservoir for fracking. Wolf stopped it.