Stephen Colbert vs. The Amazing Tariff Man [VIDEO]

Belafon12/05/2018 7:09:20 pm PST

re: #333 Quoth the raven, Covfefe.

Drums, I think, are among the most finicky of instruments. The quality of the heads, the drum bodies, the sticks, the mounting gear, the way they’re tuned, the locations of the microphones (if being used), the air in the room, the phase of the moon, if Mercury is in retrograde - every single little thing makes a difference in how the things sound.

The only thing worse is a violin. There’s a little peg inside that separates the top and bottom. If that slips even a little bit, it completely changes the sound. I didn’t know this and my middle son suffered for it. He could play well, but it was so quiet that he wasn’t getting chair positions. I didn’t find out until I bought him one - we were renting, and he’d had that one for a couple of years - and the sound was so loud. I partially blame the instructors for not figuring it out, since they were supposedly the experts.