The Ron Paul Tea Parties

Axiom4/15/2009 12:46:02 pm PDT

I can tell you that my left of center friends are horribly misinformed about the Tea Party here in Chicago. As much as I want to lay all the blame at their feet, the real issue is that they get their news from different sources than I get my news.

This used to be a problem that drew the lizards together here. We all seemed to gravitate to LGF to get the WHOLE story rather than the few paragraphs, soundbites, and video clips selectively filtered by the Eason Jordan’s in global newsrooms.

I know I didn’t wake up one day asking to be part of the Internet Haganah. It just sort of happened when the opposition landed on my digital doorstep. I didn’t want any more shells near my home. So I started reading. I started interacting. I started registering with sites like LGF. I had found an outlet where fellow shell receivers no longer wanted to wait for the next shot to land near them.

We could hope that no more Rachel Corries would suffer a similar fate by warning all the future Rachel Corries that standing in front of bulldozers is just plain stupid. Doing it in front of lands for smuggling tunnels is outright crazy.

Now, links to Ron Paul are scarlet letters. Even if a lot of the things that were otherwise pretty crazy last year are turning out to look like the sound policy going forward today. It’s not comprehensive, but the judgment applied appears as such.

Maybe you saw this CNN clip where a reporter cites White House talking points on the stimulus. Is this not crazy? The reporting class is confronting the people it’s allegedly covering?
CNN Video at TV Newser