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WINDUPBIRD DISEASE [S.K.U.M.M.]8/10/2010 4:41:47 pm PDT

re: #319 SinisterBen

Agreed his whole point was to berate us liberals who would dare ask where his hawkish changes are? Where is this heavy financial oversight? Why would you OK the assassination of an American Citizen without due process? Why do we still have CIA black sites? Why do we still have GITMO?

Apparently, these questions mean that I need a drug test. I suuure appreciate that.

I’m cool with people leaning on Obama, I’m less cool with Firebaggers because Firebaggers are real difficult to reason with regarding the realities of trying to juggle the politics of so many things at once in the midst of a recession. He’s president, not king, and some of the far left blogs seem to think he has more power than he does. I was the guy that was happy with health care reform, I was not the guy who was losing his mind because we didnt get single payer.

I also never expected heavy financial oversight because this is America, and financial institutions here hold too many cards. We fail to learn these lessons every time, we just sorta pave over the problem and ignore it, then it comes back.