LIVE: House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing - Sondland Continues Blowing Up the Trump Gang

KGxvi11/20/2019 1:22:31 pm PST

re: #350 Jay C

Or at least a better producer to stage-manage a better show (which, of course, a Senate trial will be).

But the problem is, that in said trial, the charges are “prosecuted” by the House “Managers” - and I’d be really surprised if Adam Schiff isn’t lead chair. IIRC, the “defense” is provided by the accused (impeached) offcial, so God knows what gang of imbeciles Trump might send up: Rudy Giuliani as lead counsel? Devin Nunes as second?

I’m not sure that a member of the House can serve as a defense attorney in a Senate trial. I’m not sure who the Managers will be for the House, but I suspect most will be from the Judiciary Committee, which is how it worked in Clinton’s trial, since this will look a lot more like a trial than a typical Congressional hearing.