Pamela Geller Lashes Out: 'The Little Green Shew'

ausador7/23/2011 4:28:53 pm PDT

Damn bunch of idiots that run this Condo want another $5,000.00 special assessment charge to repair the sprinklers. I spent about an hour yesterday and 20 minutes today along with $9.97 in parts and raised/cleaned out/unstuck all the the ones along the front sidewalk and a couple of the ones across the front of the building before they made me stop.

I’m not allowed to work on the “facilities” because I might be injured and then sue them or something. How am I going to injure myself digging a six inch deep by four inch wide hole around a sprinkler head with a garden trowel?

I do seem to have really pissed the board off though, their major complaint in asking for the assessment was that many of the heads along the front sidewalk didn’t work, but they all do now, oops. ;)
(WTF? $5000.00 to repair something that took me an hour and about $10.00 in parts?)

I have a feeling it has something to do with them never upgrading the elevator after the last special assessment that was specifically for that. All that money got spent on the landscaping upgrades and now they are just trying to cover their ass by charging $5000.00 for a job that amounts to $40.00 in materials plus at most five or six hours labor.

Oh well, they are just going to have to find another way to rip the tenants off because “Stealth Sprinkler Repair Inc.” will be out there at 3:00am completing the job. About 16 more heads working perfectly and they won’t have anything left at all to complain about…