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WINDUPBIRD DISEASE [S.K.U.M.M.]7/04/2010 5:41:27 pm PDT

re: #354 marjoriemoon

LOL You know my hubby just d/l Dungeon Keeper which I never got into, but he loved it. I meant to tell you. He’s playing Civ4 now cuz he’s getting geared up for Civ5 to come out. I need a good city building game like CaesarIV.

If he’s into Civ then I HOPE HE’S PLAYED ALPHA CENTAURI, which is really the best civ game of all :D

I recommend Dwarf Fortress if you are A) into city building, B) don’t mind a 25 year old user interface and C) want to bear witness to the single most complicated simulation game ever made :D And it’s free!