Samantha Bee: Iran-Contra Is Back! Elliott Abrams' Bitchin' Plan for Venezuela [VIDEO]

KGxvi2/07/2019 2:25:53 pm PST

re: #30 goddamnedfrank

Yes. SDNY is referred to as the “sovereign district of New York” but they’re still absolutely subject to oversight by and direct orders from the Attorney General. Right now the appointed US Attorney for SDNY has recused, the investigations of Trump are being run by his deputy, and Whittaker is conflicted as fuck so he probably can’t move as hard as Trump wants. However after confirmation Barr could reign them in if he wants to. The only caveat to that relates to Barr’s own potential conflicts and how he responds to the recommendation he gets from the ethics professionals.

The other thing that they’re obviously not considering is that trying to reign in the SDNY’s investigation is going to mean more Congressional investigations and another avenue towards impeachment.