US Supreme Court: Rancher Barnett Must Pay $87,000 to Illegal Immigrants

Birth Control Works10/07/2011 1:05:20 am PDT

re: #33 windsagio

gotta admit its a damn weird turn of phrase.

re: #29 ggt

also, cutting down the drug trade would simplify border enforcement a LOT and get rid of a lot of coyotes.

I did some research on the Mexican Immigration issue some time ago. What I found out is that people from Mexico have been coming and going since the Mexican-American War. Until the War on Drugs it wasn’t such big issue. Well, it was—Ceasar Chavez and all, but not an MAJOR ELECTION issue —not like it is now.

In the past, those coming and going were workers —now they are both workers and baddy baddy criminals. The War on Drugs has created the situation, IMHO.