In Which Donald Trump Edits His Twitter Profile Background to Include a Tweet With a Blatant Lie

Flying Squirrel Girl5/09/2017 8:42:29 am PDT

re: #341 Barefoot Grin

Let me tell ya, you haven’t lived until you’ve had to accompany your mom to her cancer treatment at the “free clinic,” where she is seen by a recent med school grad with no experience or expertise (but great bedside manner). Second opinion? Treatment options? Pfffft. Who needs those? After all, it was her fault for being poor.

Why didn’t my mom just try harder not to be poor or have a pre-existing condition?

Why did she choose to make mortgage payments and stop paying her COBRA when she was laid off less than 6 months after her initial breast cancer diagnosis because she could afford one or the other but not both?

And when she had trouble finding a job because she was 59, why didn’t she choose to work as a waitress at a diner that offered health benefits?