Stephen Colbert vs. The Amazing Tariff Man [VIDEO]

Sionainn, Warrior Mother12/05/2018 7:17:13 pm PST

re: #354 Belafon

The only thing worse is a violin. There’s a little peg inside that separates the top and bottom. If that slips even a little bit, it completely changes the sound. I didn’t know this and my middle son suffered for it. He could play well, but it was so quiet that he wasn’t getting chair positions. I didn’t find out until I bought him one - we were renting, and he’d had that one for a couple of years - and the sound was so loud. I partially blame the instructors for not figuring it out, since they were supposedly the experts.

That really sucks! What I don’t get is my eldest plays upright bass in orchestra. At every concert, the orchestra teacher is tuning instruments beforehand. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this entire picture?