VIDEO: A Surprising Development for Once: Mitt Romney Says He'll Vote to Convict Trump

Targetpractice2/05/2020 3:01:30 pm PST

What exactly did Trump “win”?

- The best one can argue about his approval rating is that it has rebounded to where it began last September, much like it did during the Clinton impeachment, but that still leaves him underwater and experiencing (at best) a dead-cat bounce. So the assertions that impeachment would make him more popular are shredded

- Despite all the assertions that he’d be better set to win reelection, he’s still trailing in most election projections. And all those projections assume the economy stays the same or experiences approval no greater than what has already happened. So if the economy tanks in the next 9 months, then he’s fucked.

- The predictions that impeachment would be wildly unpopular and he’d benefit from such? Nope, the best the Repubs have managed is polls showing impeach/removal within the margin of error, there has never been a point in the proceedings where people were as opposed as they were by the time the Clinton “trial” concluded.

- And the final indignity is that all of the above likely explains why he will be the only president in history to have a member of his own party vote for his conviction, while not a single member of the opposition party voted for “acquittal” like 10 Republicans did for Clinton. So while he’ll try to insist (despite the evidence) that the conviction vote was “partisan,” the one thing he can’t do without leading to laughter is insist that his “acquittal” was “bipartisan.”