Why I Parted Ways With The Right

thequis11/30/2009 8:16:59 pm PST

The problem that the modern GOP has right now policywise is that they’ve conflated actions that have worked in the past with actions that will ALWAYS WORK.

Everyone one quotes Reagan “government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem” but they leave out the all important “In this present crisis…”

Lower taxes was needed when the tax rate on the highest earning Americans was 90 friggin percent! Less regulation was needed when every single aspect of private enterprise seemingly was covered by a government regulation.

On the other hand, financing war with foreign debt instead of increased productivity from the populace (i.e. higher taxes) and not regulating industries where the short term individual financial gains have insulated the participants from the long term ramifications of their disastrous actions (that affect everyone else) is very harmful. And we’ve seen the consequence.

Reagan was enough of a pragmatist that he raised taxes when need be (to keep deficits under control). H.W. Bush was denied re-election when he did the absolute right thing and stepped up to the plate, eschewed doctrine, and set forth to raise taxes to cover the cost of Desert Storm.

The GOP has become a collection of ugly guys who watched Brad Pitt use a pick up line get a girl, tried the same the same line and are ANGRY they didn’t get the same result.

Sorry for the rant, here’s a little Reagan for you.

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