Watch Live: House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Now Resuming With Fiona Hill and David Holmes

Joe Bacon 🌹11/21/2019 3:03:15 pm PST

In a fiery speech Thursday, director and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen called out social media companies that he argued had boosted extremism and conspiracy theories with little regard for their impact.

Cohen called Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter and other internet giants “the greatest propaganda machine in history” and pinned the blame on them for amplifying hateful content.

“On the internet, everything can appear equally legitimate,” Cohen said in prepared remarks posted online Thursday. He spoke at an Anti-Defamation League event at which he received an award.

“Breitbart resembles the BBC,” he said. “The fictitious Protocols of the Elders of Zion look as valid as an ADL report. And the rantings of a lunatic seem as credible as the findings of a Nobel Prize winner.”