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Hecuba's daughter5/07/2019 8:36:07 pm PDT

re: #350 HappyWarrior

Chernobyl. Wow.

I suppose some viewers might take Chernobyl as an indictment of the Soviet system, especially the scene where an elderly apparatchik tells the committee to cut off the community from the world and not inform the population of any danger, because they don’t need to know anything — the state knows everything and can handle everything. But such problems are not limited to Russia or Communist states.

Although on a smaller level — Boeing’s behavior was certainly identical. They knew in advance of crashes of problems but instead of delaying release of the plane update, they went ahead.

I would also recommend listening carefully to the beginning of the first scene — the monologue about truth — it seems very pertinent to the Trump world we are living in now.