Wednesday Night Music: Pat Metheny Group, 'Have You Heard'

HoosierHoops2/17/2010 7:54:16 pm PST

re: #20 b_sharp

I love music but seldom make time for it any more. At one time I used to jam with my younger bro who is 10X the guitarist I am, but the last coupla years not so much.

Now I sit in my chair, read blogs on my laptop, hold one of my axes (old terminology) and finger it gently enough not to disturb the wife watching Jeopardy.

Speaking of that.. When I was in high school and playing in the worst rock band in the world for fun and loving every second of it…
I knew I needed a stage name..So for weeks I was trying to thing of the wicked bad guitarist name..
Billy Ray Missile
The greatest name for a guitarist EVAH…I thought of it!
If I had talent you f*cks would still be buying my albums!