Pamela Geller Rages at the Independent's Accurate Article

Killgore Trout5/15/2011 11:38:29 am PDT

re: #35 Alexzander

I’ve semi-seriously wondered about that possibility too. It is clear that Pawlenty really wants this, but nobody really wants Palwently. Ron Paul is the only guy in the race right now that has both the will to run to run and the (infamously) zealous supports to carry him through. Other candidates would sell a limb for the kind of support and fan base RP has.

If this looks like a real possibility, expect to see the more moderate and establishment republicans quickly rallying around someone (probably Pawlenty) in order to stop Paul in his tracks.

I still think Ron Paul is a bit of a stretch. The Gop can’t afford him to represent them in debates against Obama and spewing his radical nonsense as the nominee. I still think the GOP establishment will push Mitt through the primaries and get him the nomination just to have some sort of reasonable candidate.