An Incredible Full Concert: Chris Thile's Live From Here, December 1, 2018: Cat Power, Jacob Collier, Matteo Lane, Rachael Price

FormerDirtDart πŸ•πŸ€12/02/2018 7:32:55 pm PST

Favre, Andy Dick and Soulja Boy identified so far.

β€œBrett Favre here with a shoutout to the Handsome Truth and the GDL boys,” the NFL legend said in his video, which has since been removed. β€œYou guys are patriots in my eyes. So keep waking them up and don’t let the small get you down. Keep fighting, too, and don’t ever forget the USS Liberty and the men and women who died on that day. God bless and take care.”

The small=small hats=yarmulkes
And of course, the USS Liberty