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Hecuba's daughter12/02/2018 7:34:15 pm PST

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I did (in my family). My great-great-grandmother (mother’s mother’s mother’s mother) died in 1978 (born in 1877), one great-grandmother died in 1984 (father’s mother’s mother born in 1893), the other-great grandmother in 1993 (mother’s mother’s mother born in 1896). I went home on leave from the Navy for each of their funerals.

My mother’s mother was born in 1913 and died in 2005, so she was an adult during the Great Depression. My mother is still alive and was born before WW2.

My grandparents were all born in the 19th century in Eastern Europe, in the 1880’s. My father’s father died in the 1920’s of appendicitis. My mother’s father and my father’s mother died in the 1950’s when I was a young child and I never really knew them. I was close to my mother’s mother, who passed away in the 1970’s at age 85.