Stupid Politician Tricks

Walter L. Newton3/27/2010 1:55:52 pm PDT

re: #363 Aceofwhat?

heh. i have a bit of a…chemical imbalance. one of the downsides is that i’m really bad at chess. i forget that you’ve placed a piece in a particular spot after a few turns and give something away through sheer absentmindedness…

gotta know your weaknesses, you know?

Try backgammon… I find it to be a more down and dirty game. Find the book “Backgammon for Blood” which is a playing strategy… if you use it you’ll never consider backgammon to be a calm simple game again.

It’s a lot like poker, having both a element of chance, and then you using the best strategy with the chance you have been given. It’s cutthroat if played correctly.