Ted Cruz Says Anti-Vaccination Parents Have a "Religious" Right to Put Children at Risk

BeachDem2/03/2015 4:29:30 pm PST

re: #369 Targetpractice

So he not only jump on the “choice” bandwagon, but he proceeds to blow the “ILLEGALS!!!” dog whistle.

I admit, I didn’t think Republicans would be this quick to show themselves to be total fucking idiots.

But Chuck Todd (ugh) plays magical balance fairy. What an asshole he is:

What this goes down to is, we’ve been politicizing science now in the last decade in a lot of ways,” Todd said.

Yeah, Toady, you major tool, there’s science, then there’s the political right which doesn’t believe in science, and there’s the media to present “both sides.”

Referring to a tweet from Hillary Clinton that read “The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork,” Todd said: “I think that came across as a little bit condescending.”

Yeah, Toady, how condescending of her to say science is real. Of course, he was discussing things with that noted scientist, Matt Lauer, so there’s that.