WATCH LIVE: Attorney General Barr Holds Press Conference About Final Mueller Report

Sir John Barron4/18/2019 9:47:18 am PDT

re: #367 makeitstop

I’m actually pretty stunned that Barr even did the presser at this point.

It’s clear that the spin did not work. All he did was stick his head up above the barricades, and now everybody gets to take (metaphorical) shots.

He got one chance to spin this shit. And we get unlimited opportunities to spin it back.

“Hi, my name’s Bill Barr. I’m retired but I was an AG in the first Bush Administration, which might cause you to view me with some sense of regard, which I’m going to smash all to bits by coming to work for president Orange Face. Fact is, I just really hate my kids and want them to be saddled with this my final act of shutgrubbery.”