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makeitstop4/19/2019 10:25:40 am PDT

re: #367 ObserverArt

I will get hammered for it, but to me the original Mac was the best, and the second version with Bob Welch was second best and then the most popular version with Buckingham and Nicks is third. That is all based on my tastes which obviously differ from most.

Yes I know that there were really many versions as the band went through a lot of changes…but those are the three most recognized Macs.

I’ll agree on #1. The Welch lineup never really did it for me, although Bare Trees was a damn fine record. I saw that lineup, back when Christine McVie was still Christine Perfect. I had a mad crush on that woman.

The Hit Machine FM would be #2 for me - the first two albums with that lineup, anyway. I think Warner Brothers could have taken that massive budget for Tusk and thrown it into the Pacific and done the world a favor. They totally lost me with that record.