In Which Donald Trump Edits His Twitter Profile Background to Include a Tweet With a Blatant Lie

Flying Squirrel Girl5/09/2017 9:07:12 am PDT

re: #367 Barefoot Grin

My mom literally had to choose between healthcare and homelessness, and she chose to stay in her home and paid the ultimate price. It’s been 18 years, but it still infuriates me that these were her only options.

We were very lucky because a neighbor we had grown up with worked for the collections agency that partnered with the hospital where she was treated. She made sure my mom’s account was assigned to her and was able to get the $13K in medical bills my mom had rung up written off when she received a terminal diagnosis. Having that hanging over us as we cared for her in her final months would have made a very difficult time that much harder.

So I guess a thank you to the Dallas County taxpayers is in order, since they ponied up tax dollars to cover the hospital’s losses due to treating patients like my mom. ///////