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ObserverArt4/21/2019 9:09:34 am PDT

re: #374 piratedan

to be fair, I also see the converse effect as well…. Dems have been watching this shitshow unfold during the election process and post the election process and finally took back the House in 2018.

Not pushing for Impeachment hearings in light of all of the crimes and all of the political norms being ignored and quite possible treason among all of the other crimes (RICO, Voting rights violations, illegal finance, perjury) would be seen as abdicating their responsibilities and buying into the idea that there is only the Presidency and the other pieces of the Government only exist to exert his will.

Besides, Congressional Hearings will put this information out there, into the Congressional Record and will not likely only affect Trump, but each and every member of his Administration… Think Mnuchin from Treasury is getting away unscathed? Barr for his gross misrepresentation of what was in the Report?… I think these fuckers are lucky that the Dems are abiding by the rules and if the GOP believes that the rules won’t apply, well then I don’t expect that people are just going to allow that to pass.

I don’t disagree. I just worry that doing the right thing is going to cost us.

I think that way because if we were all doing the right thing, we wouldn’t even be in this mess.

All being the important word.