Reddit foams at the mouth about Israel building houses in Jerusalem

rosiee8/12/2013 12:17:11 pm PDT

re: #36 ProTARDISLiberal

You chide me for being a bigot when your knowledge of the area is bizarre and incorrect. Palestinians are not a homogenous group they are made up of all the people you’ve listed and more including Maronites and Druze and others, Palestinian wasn’t a nation before 1948, it was just everyone living in the area called Palestine, the Jews there were Palestinians for instance. But after the Mandate ended the Palestinians were those that were not the Israelis so began their Nationhood. The Jordanian problem vis a vis the Palestinians is the same as the Kuwaiti or Lebanese, the Palestinian predilection for extremism and conflict does indeed destabilize, but, you neglect to inform that the leadership of Jordan is not Palestinian, nor even Jordanian, they are an imported Saudi royal family, the Hashemites, who have to contend with the fact that indeed the Palestinians are the locals and would in any world with justice have been given citizenship long ago, but anti-Zionist agendas have spurned them, and Palestinians now live peaceful lives far away from the conflict in places like Guatemala, where my friend’s family are from, my Palestinian friend, who unlike you, knows me, and knows I’m far from a bigot and even though we do sometimes yell at each other both him and I, unlike you ProTARD, seek an end to the conflict without hurling hateful epithets.