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Mattand11/23/2019 4:35:41 pm PST

Just found out my best friend’s son, a 19-year-old sophomore in college, has decided to become a MAGAt. Hasn’t said anything openly racist or anything yet, but looks to be going full Alex Keating.

My bud and his wife are doing their best not to lecture or harass or anything like that. They’re pretty much on the same page as most people here, but they’ve always told him that the opinions they express are theirs, and ultimately he has to figure out where he falls.

To be honest, they think part of it is straight-up teen age rebellion. Part of the problem is for him, Trump is the only president he’s ever actually been cognizant of. He sees the boorish behavior; the open flouting of the Constitution; the attacks on private citizens; and thinks this is normal.

I’m not gonna lie: it’s disappointing, bordering on upsetting. I’ve known this kid since he was a toddler. To see him potentially going down this path at such a young age sucks.

My friend thinks his son views himself as “center-right”; aka, “I’m just here for alleged business acumen and not the overt racism and criminal behavior.” Which they and we know isn’t a fucking option anymore with the Grand Old White Nationalist Party.

Hopefully he’ll snap out of it. By my friend’s own admission, his son has had a fairly sheltered life and the term “white privilege” is gonna be a hard lesson to digest. Better sooner than later, though.