Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at the President and His GOP Allies Floating a Ludicrous Conspiracy Theory That Ukraine Interfered in the 2016 Election

Teukka11/25/2019 9:28:58 pm PST

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Hey, looks whose getting in on the anti-vax grift now:

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re: #34 Joe Bacon 🌹

Tell that to Shannon the girl in my second grade class who died from measles or Maddie who was blinded by measles.

I remember being bedridden for 3 weeks, so weak it was a struggle to get up to go to the bathroom. Mom wouldn’t leave my side…


I remember getting Rubella and Measles with a spacing of two or three weeks or so as a kid (8-9 yrs). And I had it easy, was just sunk for two weeks a pop. Which figures with the recent science news that both give your immune system a kick in the cojones.

On a related note, if you have the possibility to take this years flu jab, please do. I has sampled this years flu, and found out the following equation:

psoriaticArthritis + flu = OW

This one goes for your muscles and joints pretty well, and is a sneaky bastard. First you get the nose drip and and a day later the throat ache, then you feel better, only to find out it followed you to the dark alley and knocked you over after yet another day. And I am still recovering from that virus (a little weak and tired, but mostly fine).