Video: Trevor Noah's Take on Trump's Acquittal, McConnell's BS Excuse & MAGA's Celebrations

DesertDenizen2/16/2021 10:48:43 am PST

re: #32 retired cynic

My brother was involved, too. One tiny piece, but he was so thrilled.

That’s awesome. I worked for a little company called Vertigo out of Lake Elsinore, California. We built a rig that bolted into the back of a UH-1 Huey. It ran miles worth of vectran line off a spool, with the speed controlled by a computer applying race car brakes when necessary. Dropping tethered meant we didn’t kill a radar unit with every test. We got asked to do it because of parachute expertise, but that little company was filled with brilliant lateral thinkers. I was lucky to get the chance to work there.