Trevor Noah: Ill-Fated Premature Coronavirus Victory Laps

Alephnaught7/15/2020 9:56:51 am PDT

I really hope this will be true, but we’ll see… (And of course, it’s dependent on other parts of the UK being cautious)

Also today, in personal news:
a) Indoor food places, hairdressers and pubs opened today in Scotland, with stringent social distancing and hygiene restrictions. I know, because I went to a previous favourite food place with my husband, as a sort of celebration at being able to eat out for the first time since March. We were wearing masks as much as we could (ie most of the time), and the first thing that happened when I went in was that my forehead was zapped with a futuristic raygun-shaped infrared device, which, it turned out, was taking my temperature. As expected, I passed. It turns out we were the first and only people here this lunchtime. It was good, then we went home. (However, I think I’ll give a pass on the pubs for the moment.)
b) It looks like I’ll be re-joining my work pretty soon, after months of furlough….