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GunstarGreen10/16/2012 9:49:19 am PDT

re: #361 Obdicut

And considering that Anonymous has a long history of harassing teenage girls, this is pretty hypocritical, too.

Anonymous has a long history of being internet vigilantes, for better or for worse.

In the first place, one has to understand that referring to “Anonymous” as some kind of organized group is a bit silly. There is no centralized leadership of an organized group, it’s just random anonymous people, mostly from 4chan’s /b/ board but not exclusively from there. Nobody directs them, it’s just that one or two of them post up an idea and some number of people glom onto it until it becomes a thing. It’s more or less anarchy. /b/ posters were calling themselves Anonymous and Legion long before groups of them ever did anything newsworthy.

From there, the things that ‘Anonymous’ does as an ‘organization’ — again, to truly call it that isn’t really correct — can best be classified as some odd form of internet vigilantism. In the early days they did physical protest rallies against the Church of Scientology due to its very shady past and practices. Then there was Jessi Slaughter. Yeah, it was bullying a teenage girl. They justified it by reminding folks that she liked to put up youtube videos talking about how she was going to ‘cap bitches’ and such, basically being an internet tough girl, and their intent was to knock her down several pegs.

Not saying it was right (it wasn’t), but that was their reason.

And now digging up information on Amanda Todd’s harasser. To characterize them as inherently good or bad is to ignore their checkered history. It’s more complex than just good or bad.