Classic Misdirection from Spencer and Geller

gegenkritik4/25/2009 2:58:55 pm PDT

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Thanks, I didn’t knew about this. A rough translation of this part of the report:

The debate [1] on anti-semitism was also picked up by pro-Kln. With the intention to gain attention from the media, pro-Kln gave an endorsement to their supporters in the Internet at the 27th May 2002 to vote the FDP. It was stated there that “Even we could not express our critique of Friedman’s arrogance more clearly than Mr. Mllemann did”. The offer to support the FDP for the German federal elections was withdrawn by pro-Kln in the Internet at 6th June 2002 because “Mllemann recoiled in the conflict before the Central Council of Jews”.

[1] This debate occured before the elections 2002, when FDP’s Jrgen Mllemann tried to gain votes with anti-Israeli comments. He was critizised for that by Michel Friedman (at this time vice-president of the Central Council of Jews), which led to an intense debate, culminating in Mllemann’s publishment of an anti-semitic flyer, demonizing Friedman and Ariel Sharon.