Marc Cooper: The Devolution of PJ Media

McSpiff7/07/2010 8:21:05 pm PDT

re: #338 albusteve

because they used to support and further the conservative ideal…if they don’t, then to hell with them, I don’t care…I was probably the very first person here that said Steele should be fired, you were not here then…I’ve ragged plenty on Bush with his sellout on immigration, McCain too…ideas are free and belong to whoever believes them…as for Astan, I’ve been opposed to the way that has gone for a year and a half…but again you were not here to read those posts…once more, the GOP means as little to me as the dems…I care about issues and policy more than who’s president…they all suck

Hey that’s a respectable answer, cool. As long as we both admit I’m not crazy for seeing some overlap between you and the GOP in #342 albusteve

if you like the Stones you get extra points you know…consider that

The wave of energy that rolled over the crowd from Watt’s kit, and set a few thousand people into a jumping screaming mob at the start of Paint it Black is the closet I’ve ever been to God or a human sacrifice. I still haven’t figured out which.