We Found Where Donald Trump's "Black Crimes" Graphic Came From

Belafon11/23/2015 7:53:01 am PST

re: #380 The Vicious Babushka

Steve Crowder is spewing a bunch of crazed hate at American Muslims, because it is A Day!

Not embedding any of that shit. It’s just as bad as you can imagine.

I’d rather pay attention to this: Little boy who gave $20 to vandalized mosque receives a special surprise (Daily Kos link):

This is the little boy who gave his $20 to the Islamic Center in Texas that had been defaced. He had been saving for an iPad.

What many didn’t know last week was that Jack Swanson was saving his pennies for an Apple iPad. Ardalan Iftikhar heard about the story and said he was moved to tears. Known to some on social media as The Muslim Guy, Iftikar contacted Jack’s mother, Laura Swanson, and within days, Jack received a package in the mail along with this note from Iftikhar:

‘Dear Jack, you had saved $20 in your piggybank for an Apple iPad. But then a local Islamic mosque was vandalised. So you donated your $20 to this local Texas mosque. Because of your amazing generosity & kind heart. ‘Please enjoy this Apple iPad with our sincere thanks :-). Love The American Muslim Community.’