Vatican: Holocaust Denying Bishop Must 'Recant'

Desert Dog2/04/2009 11:11:29 am PST

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The next report on Mexico I want to look up and read is the one just published by either one of the military’s higher learning facilities (the army war college?) or the one the the geographic Commands (Northcom?) .That report has gotten some ink, since it predicts possible failed states in both Pakistan and Mexico

I like GWB, but among one of his biggest mistakes was basically ignoring Mexico and most of Latin America. They are our neighbors and as the report you posted listed, our biggest trading partners. Mexico needs to be stabilized or it will certainly spill over to our side of the border. The violence already has. My hometown, Phoenix, is now the “Kidnapping Capitol of the USA” and it is all Mexican on Mexican crime. So, look to El Paso, Phoenix, Tucson….that is what is coming to your town or city soon if Mexico falls apart and becomes a Narco-State like Columbia was in the 80’s.