The Mueller Report: Annotated and Searchable

Citizen K4/18/2019 4:47:57 pm PDT

I’ve been trying to deal with some personal time, on the worst possible day it seems. Just catching up on all of it the best I can….

Trump needs to be impeached. On principle. Just fucking do it, and air it all out, there’s far more basis for it than a BJ, far more lies, far more actual genuine obstruction here to chase than anything Clinton ever did, and that shit haunts him to this day still. Clinton is still used as a bludgeon for every single thing the Dems try to do.

Turn Trump into a bludgeon that the GOP can’t get out from under. And as I said in the tweet, if people still rally around Trump and the GOP through all of this? Then the Republic was already lost before anything happened.

Just. Fucking. Do It.